A fast-moving house fire destroyed a two-story home and left a family homeless April 2 in Old Hickory.

The fire consumed the home at 1712 Aaronwood Drive in the Hampton Park development in Old Hickory.

No one was hurt in the 4 p.m. blaze, authorities said. Neighboring homes on each side of the fire sustained moderate damage, as well, including melted vinyl siding and broken windows.

The lone person inside the home when the fire started, Capucine “Cap” Iraldo, escaped unharmed.

“Nothing. I got nothing out,” she said, standing across the street from the burning home. “I have no ID, no keys; I have nothing. Literally what I have on, that’s all I have. I have nothing,” said Iraldo, a special needs teacher in Antioch.

“I was in the house, and I heard a pop in the garage. All the neighbors heard a pop, but I didn’t pay any attention,” said Iraldo. “Then, I heard some more popping, and when I went in the garage, it was on fire.”

Iraldo’s husband, Tim Dickerson, arrived, and the two embraced in a neighbor’s driveway as family members also showed up to give comfort and support.

Multiple firefighters from Hermitage and Donelson were dispatched to the late-afternoon blaze. Black smoke could be seen billowing from the house for miles. When firefighters arrived, a two-car garage was engulfed in flames, Metro Nashville firefighters said.

“It sounded like a bomb. It sounded like a bomb. That is what it sounded like,” said neighbor Linidi Graeter.

Graeter lives right next door to the couple. The entire side of Graeter’s house was also damaged from the heat of the fire.

Across the street and a few houses down, neighbor Joey Bouldin was mowing the yard.

“I heard an explosion. I turned and saw a big puff of black smoke,” said Bouldin. “Then, I immediately saw flames.” Bouldin said he then ran to alert neighbors to evacuate their homes.

As Iraldo watched firefighters attack the fire at her home, Iraldo said her son, Ronald Moore, 29, died last year and losing his belongings was most difficult to bear in the aftermath of the fire, she said.

“I lost all his stuff. Everything that belonged to him is gone. The rest I can get back, but I can’t get that stuff back,” Iraldo said.

“It could’ve blown up my house and their house and all God’s children’s house,” said Graeter. “It’s unreal. And they lost everything.”

The cause of the fire remained under investigation.

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