A month after the one-year anniversary of a March 3, 2020 deadly tornado that ripped apart Donelson Christian Academy, the school held a special cross signing event to symbolize faith, fortitude and rebirth.

The cross is part of a $15 million rebuild and expansion to the school after the EF-3 tornado made its way through Nashville, Hermitage and then Donelson, with DCA hit hard. It then tracked toward Wilson County and beyond.

Several phases of reconstruction that included a rebuild and addition are going strong with this cross an emotional part of the process. It’s a sky-high metal cross that will be erected in the front of the new building.

“We had our whole community sign, pray over and cover the cross in scripture,” said Brooke Tometich, DCA marketing coordinator.

The cross will be embedded in the foundation of the school.

“The students were so excited to make their mark and took this very seriously,” Tonetic said last week. “We finished this up, and the cross should be erected in the next few weeks.”

Some of the school’s Bible teachers led prayers, and families prayed, too.

Tometich said nearly all of the school’s students and faculty signed the cross.

“There were lots of names and scripture versus,” said headmaster Keith Singer. “Some of the signatures will show through and we know all the others are there.”

Singer said it was a somber and emotional day for everyone there.

“They, all of us have been through a lot in the past year, and this occasion will bless this cross,” he added.

Since the younger students are temporarily taught at off-campus locations, it was the first time they and their parents were on campus since the tornado tore down their classrooms. Taking shape currently is a new two-story wing that will house prekindergarten through fifth grades. There will also be a new performing arts space. When completed, all former parables will be eliminated.

Hopes are all students will be back on campus for the second semester that will start in January.

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