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Experienced health care professionals Dr. Derek Totty and Dr. Liz Totty will lead the neuropathy treatment practice at Totty Neuropathy Center.

Totty Neuropathy Center announced the official grand opening of its new peripheral neuropathy health care practice at 1316 Central Court in Hermitage.

More than 30 million people in the United States suffer from peripheral neuropathy, which affects people with such debilitating symptoms as painful cramping, burning, tingling, difficulty walking, numbness and loss of sleep. Neuropathy can have a devastating effect on normal everyday activities that most people take for granted and enjoy. Some of the leading causes of neuropathy include health conditions related to diabetes, chemotherapy treatments, medications and back issues.

Totty Neuropathy Center will welcome patients to its new state-of-the-art treatment facility in Hermitage. Its successful treatment program to help patients get relief from peripheral neuropathy uses a proven advanced technology treatments protocol that addresses the causes of neuropathy versus the symptoms. The program is painless, non-invasive, FDA-approved and drug free.

Experienced health care professionals Dr. Derek Totty and Dr. Liz Totty will lead the neuropathy treatment practice at Totty Neuropathy Center. They have both provided quality chiropractic care in the Nashville area for the past 13 years. The Tottys have a strong and longstanding health care reputation in the Hermitage and Mt. Juliet areas. Derek Totty is a second-generation health care professional, as his father, Dr. Richard Totty, held a successful chiropractic practice in Hermitage for nearly 30 years.

Totty Neuropathy Center has molded its modern peripheral neuropathy treatment plan from an established and highly successful program that treated thousands of patients who suffer from the disease.

“We are extremely excited to bring a proven neuropathy treatment to the Nashville area,” said Derek Totty. “Many people who suffer from peripheral neuropathy have their lives turned upside-down. They feel hopeless, and now we can provide them hope.”

“As a health care professional, it gives me great satisfaction to help people feel better and enjoy their lives,” said Liz Totty. “Knowing that there are so many people suffering daily from peripheral neuropathy, it is a great feeling to know that we have a proven treatment program that can help them.”

Patients can call the Totty Neuropathy Center at 615-871-2373 to schedule an initial no-cost consultation to determine if they qualify for the treatment program. Additionally, a free confidential online survey is available for patients at A doctor reviews each survey.

The Totty family has served the Hermitage and Mt. Juliet areas with quality chiropractic care for nearly 30 years. The mission of Totty Neuropathy Center is to provide superior health care solutions to those who suffer from peripheral neuropathy and do so within a caring, warm and inspirational environment.

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